Director's Message

Divine Mercy School stands for edurance, endeavour and its excellence. We strive to keep abreast of our times to be able to create an environment at school that nurtures all the faculties of our children: social, physical, intellectual & emotional. We like our children to feel safe, well loved & secure in the understanding that each of them is special.

A school of my dream was always a school which would accept the students with whatever they were good at. Keeping this in mind, I materialized my dream through Divine Mercy School.

I, along with my team have always endeavored to give all my students an environment in which budding talents can blossom. Academic and co–curricular activities go hand in hand to bring about an overall development of all my students.

The mirror of our institution is our scholars, hence the mirror should not be clouded but polished. We strive to endow them with a platform, helping them to broaden their horizon and in the process, provide them quality education for their upliftment.

A dream without a vision and a vision without an action can never be materialized. So, students, parents & all the staff members of the school will have to work collaboratively to take D.M.S. to the greatest height of glory and the epitome of success in the years to come. Let the “Budding Blues” of D.M.S. blossom and spread its fragrance of creative genius throughout the world.

Good luck!

Mr. Sandip Kumar Ladia (Director)